Meeting the demands of consumers at the highest level by providing the right quality / price ratio.


Quality, innovative and different products, make Mesir Paste culture of Turkey as well as all over the world in sectors with consumers being the most admired and preferred brand.


İRFAN DİNÇER has been a member of the manisa family for generations, he was born on 23.09.1959. After completing primary, secondary and high school education in Manisa, he graduated from Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Economic Sciences, Department of Accounting. While continuing his education, he founded Şehzade Çerez in 1981.,In a short time, he won the love of the people of manisa and opened a brand in Manisa with 4 branches, In 2007, Mesir paste, which is one of the local flavors of manisa, started to be produced. İRFAN DİNÇER who has shown great care in mesir paste production, has declared this special taste with MACCUN brand. In the short time MACCUN started produce increase diversty such as; Mesir delight, Mesir filled bitter chocolate, Mesir sugar, Mesir tea and jar of Mesir paste.

İRFAN DİNÇER, who is married and father of three children,MACCUN ensures the rapid development of the brand, while he is also the president of Manisa in a non-governmental organization.